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    Custom Cabins April 2018 eNews

    First of all, we would like to welcome our new readers to our Custom Cabin Newsletters. We hope you enjoy seeing pictures and reading stories of our northern Minnesota area.

    Secondly, our ice out contest has ended. We declared ice out on Monday, May 7, at 4:15 PM, 2018. We would like to thank everyone who entered, and judging from the response we received, we will be running it again next year.

    April has passed and since the ice has gone, we can now begin to enjoy spring, even though it has been very late in arriving in Ely.

    It seems we have some Trumpeter Swans that prefer to spend most of their time with us.  About two weeks ago, we caught them in a pile of snow alongside a melted creek that runs into Shagawa Lake by the Grand Ely Lodge (more commonly referred to as the GEL).

    But then two weeks later that snow had vanished and the swans appeared to be happier floating in the creek without being surrounded by snow.  Apparently, these swans nest in our area and are around all spring, summer and fall.


    Next, the ice on Moose Lake started to break up. Because it is shallower near the boat skids and dock, that ice went out first, but one can see that at that time there was still a lot of ice out toward the middle of the lake.

    One of our neighbors, who we refer to as our Dr. Doolittle, seems to attract many of our woodland friends. This is a well fed grey fox.  Apparently, he/she was around most of the winter and sometimes even brought the rest of the family into view.

    The grey jays that are also referred to as whiskey jacks or camp robbers, spend their winters and summers with us.  They are fun to feed because they will often come in and gently take food from your hand.  The interesting part of this is that in the early spring after the adults have nested, sometimes they will bring their "babies" in to meet you.  Yes, by this time the young are fully grown but have not matured enough to have established their adult colors.  This little one still has a grey chest as opposed to the adult's whitish one.

    Another one of our neighbors was walking through the woods and came upon these two moose. Both he and the moose were surprised to see each other.  The mother was in front, obviously protecting her young calf. Soon, the two moose turned around and scampered back into the brush.

    This year we seem to be the major congregating spot for these red winged black birds.  They have been around our feeders in droves, but will soon move on to different areas.

    Last, but not least, we are offering one of our beautiful sunsets.  As the sun was setting, the ice was busy moving on down the lake. 

    There is still time to make a reservation to come visit Custom Cabin Rentals and enjoy all that we and the area have to offer.  We look forward to hearing from you.