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    Custom Cabins April 2017 eNews



    April has ended and so we in the north woods look forward to spring and summer.  Most of you are already enjoy spring, but here in the northland perhaps not so much.

    On April 4th, this is what the lake looked like.  The sun was shining, showing off lots of ice on the lake.


    About four days later we had a beautiful sun set, but, unfortunately, the sun could not reflect on the now turned dark ice on the lake.


    But even with the ice on the lake and cold temperatures, our crocus still managed to pop through the ground and even bloom on April 12th.  These are short lived, delicate flowers, but they indicate that spring is about to be upon us.


    Then suddenly on April 14th the ice whimpered its way out down toward Prairie Portage, and Moose Lake was free of ice.  We truly thought spring had sprung and we were in the grasps of spring with buds and flowers about to break out from their long winter sleep.


    But then, the bottom fell out again and we were hit with more snow. It was snow accompanied with freezing rain all of the night of the 16th and well into the morning of the 17th.  There were many times during the day when we would not see across the lake.


    After that, the temperatures began to warm a bit, and the sea gulls, robins, snow shoe hares, eagles, and deer began to emerge. In addition, the daffodils, tulips and lilies began to show their heads, with the promise of flowers to follow shortly. Then we had a deer that actually posed for this picture.  Though she wasn't wearing her summer coat, she was still looking pretty sleek.


    Even though this picture was taken on the first of May, outside of our usual April perimeter for pictures, we thought you might enjoy our May Day "spring" picture.


    We look forward to seeing all of you soon, and if you haven't made reservations, we encourage you to do so soon. There are a lot of activities in Ely all summer long.