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    Custom Cabins April 2016 eNews



    Spring is about to be upon us.  Yes, we in northeastern Minnesota had another round of snow toward the beginning of the month, but we chose not to take or show pictures of it.  We thought all of us had seen enough snow for the winter. 



    But getting rid of the snow in the northland often takes a long time because the sun has not risen high enough in the sky to wipe it all out.


    While the sun is high enough in the sky to melt the sun on the north side of the roads, it still was not up enough to tickle the snow on the south sides.



    Even though there still was snow around, the pine trees were beginning to show off their bright green colors and even some of the dogwood bushes were waking up and starting to turn their alive spring red.



    As the snow was melting, the sun shining, and the temperatures rising, it was a perfect day to go for a hike to enjoy the various stages of spring's arrival. To be able to see areas of snow, areas of no snow, ice, and shallow creeks with running water pretty well sums up April's weather.

    It was about this time that the ice went out. As a matter of fact, we marked "ice out" as having occurred on Sunday April 24 at about noon. That was when the ice had totally left our Moose Lake vantage point. With a bit of dodging, we probably could have run a boat all of the way to Prairie Portage.



    Of course as temperatures warmed, we began to see more of our woodland friends.  A neighbor caught a picture of this raccoon, which he prefers to call a "trash panda", making a run on the suet he had out for the birds.  He apologized for the quality of his picture, but he had his camera on the wrong setting. It is still a great picture of his visitor.




    The deer have begun to enjoy the fresh tender grass near the sides of the roads.  On our trips to town, we often have counted more than a dozen or so grazing and enjoying the warm weather.




    In addition to the deer, the grouse have been out and about.  This one was stalking the bushes on the side of the road looking for insects and other goodies to eat, but we also often see them just standing in the middle of the road not caring about on-coming traffic.



    Sunsets seem to have become one of our trademarks, and this one was no exception.  It is nice to see the sun setting on the far side of the lake where we can easily see its bright decent into the trees.



    In spite of the snow, initial cold temperatures, and wind, some of our perennial flowers have poked their heads through the ground, and our hyacinth is already blooming.  At last some color.



    Hurray for spring!  We are anxiously awaiting everyone's arrival to help us enjoy the beauty of the Ely area.  See you soon.