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    April 2015
    from www.CustomCabins.com
    14663 Vosburgh Rd. Ely, Minnesota 55731
    email: info@customcabins.com


    April is the month where we in northeastern, MN look forward to saying a final good bye to our very long winters and hold our breaths for the coming of spring. No, the trees, bushes, and grass have not yet blossomed into their beautiful green colors, but we have the anticipated hope that spring is on its way. For a change, "ice out" totally beat fishing opener. We declared "ice out" as April 18th.

    But before any of the "green" could arrive, we had about 3-4 inches of snow. Some of us totally refused to shovel thinking the snow would melt before most of our guests arrived, though it was depressing to once again see the ground and trees covered with white.

    We are proud to announce the arrival of a new member of our crew. We present to you Donna, an English bull dog that belongs to Willy. Yep, Willy is a daddy. Donna is a year old pup that loves everyone and is anxious to help you do whatever it is that you are doing. From her point of view, petting is a definite requirement. But in all actuality she sees herself in more of a supervisory position.

    Here she is helping people traverse their way up to Prairie Portage in one of our tow boats as the group was starting their canoeing and camping adventure into the wilderness for an early spring vacation. Donna was checking to be sure they had all of their provisions.

    Naturally, she had to check out the falls at Prairie Portage to be sure the ice was out and that the travelers would have "smooth sailing".

    Next, she had to supervise Willy as he was trying to find a broken power line to the boat house down by the lake. Between the two of them, Willy and Donna, they solved and corrected the problem.

    As we have said, we have absolutely beautiful sunsets. We offer another spectacular example, but instead of our usual reds and oranges, this one is featuring beautiful pinks and blues.

    We look forward to seeing all of you who are scheduled to arrive, and we would also like to look forward to those of you who may read our letter, but who may not have visited us. It is an absolutely beautiful area.

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