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  • April 2011
    from www.CustomCabins.com
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    After a very long, snowy, and very cold winter, spring is trying to make its way to the north land. The snow was beginning to recede nicely as you can tell by the landing area. We could finally drive around by the fish cleaning house where some of the boats are stored for the winter.

    As we looked up the lake it was obvious that the ice had not even begun to loosen from around the docks, but the snow had melted from the dock walkway, and was beginning to melt from the grass.

    We went back up to the house and looked down the lake to the left of the house to see if the ice had melted at the southwest end on the lake. The lake always starts to melt from the southwest to the northeast. If you look carefully past the narrows and on each side of an island in the background, that even with the sun shining on the lake, there is a different type of a reflection. That is water.

    Then, just when we thought we were going to be free of snow, on April 27th got about four inches of very wet snow. Yes, it was very pretty with the trees being totally ladened with snow, but having had a snow fall almost every day since November, we had gotten very tired of it. You can see when you look down our yard, that the view of the lake is basically obliterated. The ice finally went out May 2nd.

    Our poor spring flowers had a terrible time trying to blossom and keep their little heads above the snow.

    About two days later, that snow melted and the deer were out trying to graze on whatever fresh blades of grass they could find. You can see they are still wearing their winter coats and almost blend in with their surrounding of dried grass.

    It is not uncommon for many of us to try to help out our woodland friends in the winter by supplementing their food. Many will put out bird seed and perhaps some corn for the deer. As the animals become less afraid of people, they will get closer and closer to them. It is no one's intention to try to domesticate these animals.

    A couple friend of ours tried to help a fox. Because the fox was around their yard so often they even named it Wagoosh, which is Choppewa for "little fox". The couple kept putting out small amounts of venison for him, and slowly but surely he came closer and closer to them. Finally, the fox felt comfortable enough to just sit on their deck and pose for a picture.

    For those of you who may want to bring along your golf clubs, The Wilderness Golf course at Fortune Bay is offering a special price for our guests. The price will be $84.00 Monday-Thursday and $86.00 on weekends. The "Bay" will also provide a shuttle service from Ely, if they have a minimum of eight riders who will stay there for four hours.

    We look forward to seeing all of you very soon.

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